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646f9e108c An ex-cop is hired by a pimp to find missing call girls and the man responsible behind their abduction.
Orphaned at a young age, former officer with Goa Police, Arjun Vishnu Bhaagwat, now lives alone, though he has a sweetheart in gorgeous model, Priya. Amidst reports of police extending their search for missing prostitutes, specifically the Caucasian daughter of a high-profile Russian Diplomat, Arjun is hired by a gangster, Sameer, and for a fee, must not only locate missing call-girls but also their abductor. Unable to get any clues, he than enlists the assistance of Sameer to recruit a bait, Reshma, who comes from an impoverished family, for the killer. Shortly thereafter Reshma goes missing, and Arjun loses contact with her. Guilt-ridden, he decides to use all possible resources to try and locate her before she herself becomes included in the official 'missing persons' list.
"Murder", was a good movie. This movie is horrible. The Hashmmi guy is not only fat but ugly looking. He walks around like Casanova, which he isn't. The female lead, Jaqueline Fernandez, is the "Sofia Loren" of the Hindi screen, but as far as acting-she has a long way to go. Lot of the movie is shot in a dark and dreary place and the usual battalion of baddies, eunuchs, dealers, hookers and pimps come and go at alloted times. It's obvious that cell phones were the greatest invention for the pimps, who dispatch hookers to the drug pimps with more efficiency than FEMA in a Katrina disaster (some delay can be expected). The movie will appeal to the so-called fans of this fat-cheek-slob hero of the Indian Cinema. What happened to the good looking Indian actors of the Indian Cinema? Where are these eunuchoid imbeciles coming from? We have enough of these three monkey's already-the ugly, the midget and the ape. Frankly I don't know who made this guy a hero in the first place. He can't act and he walks around with a chip on his shoulder and he cannot even speak Hindi properly. The movie drags on and on with a mushy story. The editing is piecemeal. Bhatts, who are good film makers are losing their touch just like Subash Ghai. The music is awful with no melody whatsoever. God Bless Hindi Cinema!
&#39;Murder&#39;, the 2004 flick was about crimes of passion. But this one has nothing to do with the first and is more of a thriller about a serial killer on the loose, a guy who can remind you of Buffalo Bill from &#39;The Silence of the Lambs&#39;. A bit of google search seems to suggest that the movie is inspired by the Korean film &#39;The Chaser&#39;. <br/><br/>Serial kisser Emran Hashmi plays Arjun, an ex-cop with hands deep into Goa&#39;s crimeworld. When a pimp finds that his girls have gone mysteriously missing, he hires to Arjun to investigate. Our hero seems to be his last resort since the police establishment is too busy investigating high profile cases and can&#39;t be bothered about a few missing call-girls during the festive Christmas &amp; New Year season. <br/><br/>A trap is laid out and a teenager Reshma played by television actress and d├ębutante Sulagna Panigrhi is sent as bait. Arjun zeroes in on Dheeraj Pandey, a mentally deranged with past about his gender preferences. But the cops can&#39;t hold him in custody without evidence and seek Arjun&#39;s help to gather evidence to nail him. His race against time to save the last victim forms the remainder of the movie.<br/><br/>And then of course, amidst all of this, there&#39;s the romantic track of Arjun and Priya (Jaqueline Fernandes) in the background finding a meaning to their relationship. Both of them lack the chemistry making this look forced and added only for sleaze value. <br/><br/>The plot has numerous holes. For one, it&#39;s odd that a pimp who keeps records of his clients and girls is not able to connect the dots and trace the missing girls it to the same phone number. Also, there is deluge of bloodshed that makes it darker is not complemented by acting talent worsened by some awful writing. What you get as a result is a film that is just over two hours long but seems to drag on forver.<br/><br/>Emran Hashmi has clich├ęd and repetitive lines that he mouths with a deadpan expression often associated with his act. The Lankan beauty queen turned actress Jaqueline Fernandes is requisite but acting is not one of her skills. Prashant Narayanan though steals the show with his bone-chilling performance as the villain.<br/><br/>But, one cant write-off Murder 2 just as yet. As usual with Bhatt camp, its songs come to its rescue. Songs like &#39;Haal-E-Dil&#39;, Yana Gupta&#39;s item number &#39;Aa Zara&#39;, &#39;Aye Khuda&#39; and &#39;Phir Mohabbat&#39; played in the end credits are worth listening to. <br/><br/>The name &#39;Murder 2&#39; is a misnomer since there is no continuation in the story, characters or locations. Just as this flick, the Bhatts had done it before with &#39;Raaz 2&#39; merely to hitch a ride on the successful flicks that preceded the sloppy sequels.<br/><br/>So, is it worth watching Murder 2? Definitely not! But it&#39;s another story altogether if you want to watch its songs on the big screen or gaze at Jaqueline Fernandes.

This movie is a rip-off of South Korean thriller &#39;THE CHASER&#39;.
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